Text 18 May Big Baby Seen Pushing Now 13-yr old Nicholas Provetti, Again…

Big BabyNick Provetti

Orlando, FL - He’s at it again.  Reports out of Orlando are that Celtics Forward Glen “Big Baby” Davis was involved in a Monday night incident at a local Whattaburger coincidentally involving 13-year old Nicholas Provetti.  The altercation involved the nearly 330 lb Davis pushing Provetti out of line in an effort to satiate, as stated by Davis himself to officials at the scene, “a raging hunger for a double-double Whattaburger”.  Witnesses say, as Davis entered the establishment his eyes lit up in excitement at the $0.99 “Double-Trouble” special of the day, and in his excitement he bull-rushed the counter and pushed an equally excited Provetti out of line.  Provetti, who forever will be remembered by Magic and Celtics fans alike as the boy thrown to the floor by Davis after his game-winning shot in Game 4 of the 2009 NBA Eastern Conference Semi-Final match up between the Celtics and Magic (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A69m9Hh643E), seems to only have suffered unexpected lacerations to his scrotum and is being treated as a pre-caution.  Davis was seen visibly upset leaving the scene, crying out to Coach Doc Rivers and star-forward Kevin Garnett who later showed up to help officials calm a livid Davis down after it became apparent Whattaburger ran out of the special he craved, “I f*cked up ok! I f*cked up!  I know I f*cked up!  I f*cked up!”. 

Provetti himself was not reached for comment, however “Big” Ern Provetti, Nicholas’s father, responded to the inicident on behalf of his son, stating, “The man is a raging animal, I said it last year I will say it again.  A complete lunatic and frankly threat to not only NBA fans as we saw last year, but now patrons of fast-food places everywhere.  I just hope the Celtics or the NBA or someone steps up, takes action, and asks themselves “where do we draw the line with this guy?”.”  While the Celtics, nor the NBA, have not publicly commented on the incident, Kevin Garnett was angrily quoted as saying “F*ck the NBA and the Celtics son, Baby has bigger issues to worry about.  ME.”  Orlando Magic Coach Stan Van Gundy was reached via phone to give his take on the Magic’s position, stating , “It’s a crime.  Someone needs to answer for this, I can’t believe they (Whattaburger) ran out of the specials.  What a deal! Wish I had known.” 

Davis’s status for tonight’s pivotal Game 2 in Orlando remains uncertain. 

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